MyoWare muscles Sensor module

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Description: use our muscles control thing is that most of us are accustomed to do so.Our button, pull the lever, joystick move…What kind of button, but if we can take control rod and joysticks equation?This is MyoWare muscle sensor, a power supply, all functions in one of the electromyography (EMG) sensors from mat endowment technology.The MyoWare board behavior by measuring the electrical activity of the muscles of filtering and correcting;0 – v depends on the selected muscles, including VS said power supply voltage activity volts.Is so simple: stick to a few electrodes (excluding tax), read the voltage output and bending part of the muscles.


The sensor is the latest version of the old muscle sensor MyoWare muscles, now with the new wearable design, so you can direct connection of biomedical sensors to get rid of those annoying cable plate itself.The new board of directors also includes other new features, including, + single power supply voltage of 3.1 V to + 5 V voltage, RAW EMG output, polarity power supply pins, LED lights, and (finally) On/Off switch.In addition, we also developed some shielding (cable, power supply and the original), can connect to Myoware muscle sensor, in order to help improve the versatility and features!


By examining the potential measurement of muscle activity, known as the electromyography (EMG), have traditionally been used in medical research.However, as the shrinking but more powerful micro controller and the emergence of integrated circuit, EMG circuit and sensors have found their way into all sorts of control system.

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Wearable design

Single power supply

+ 2.9 V to + 5.7 V

Reverse polarity

Two output modes

EMG envelope

The original emg

By extending the shield

The LED light

Designed for micro controller

Adjustable gain



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