Chavakali High School is proud to be associated with Genius Solutions. All Parents & Students are able to login on the School Portal! We recommend the NEMIS look-alike system developed by Genius Solutions to all head teachers in Kenya. From the newly integrated Discipline System to a powerful & robust Clearance System and the much hyped Library System not forgetting the Academics & Accounts System. We have truly gone Paperless!

Principal-John Kuira Warutere
  • Gadgets

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    You can find attractive gadgets on our website with full description and even videos on how they all work. At Genius Solutions we work hard to make things easy for you!
  • Gaming

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    Genius Solutions is always interacting with the young ones hence the need to always make sure that we cater for all the age brackets. Especially the young ones. Who are always fascinated with technology. We rely heavily on the gaming zone to always attract our young audience and to forever keep them young at heart!
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    For the best laptop prices in Kenya, come to Genius Solutions where quality is of essence and price is important. We are keen on ensuring that the products we sell you are genuine and long-lasting. Come visit our showrooms in Vihiga and Busia. You will be amazed by our range of products!
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    Stem Schools in Kenya are embracing technology and science and Genius Solutions has not been left behind in ensuring we automate these schools. We give your students hands-on-knowledge on how to tackle even the hardest of projects.
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    Our wide range of software is synonymous in the Kenyan market, from Point of Sale Systems where we started to Wholesale Systems and now School Systems and Library System. We always strive to go a notch higher and meet the expectations of our clients. Yeah we also have a Discipline System and Academics System that does not loose data every…